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The Organic Protein Company Ltd announces pure human breast milk protein powder

A new protein source for adults and children alike, made from pasteurised human breast milk

The Organic Protein Company April 1st pack shot


* Offers a safe alternative to the risky online trade in unpasteurised human breast milk, with higher protein to boot
* High in protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and immunoglobulins
* Dairy free and gluten free.
* From milk produced by carefully vetted mothers following a primarily organic diet
* We can all now enjoy the uniquely beneficial nutrients traditionally only available for consumption by infants
* Hypoallergenic

April 1st. Brighton, UK. The Organic Protein Company Ltd – founded in 2014 to market and sell organic whey protein powder – launches a new and exciting protein powder today, April 1st 2016, that’s “packed with all the goodness that organic, free range human breast milk can bring,” says founder and managing director Dan Whitehead.

About Dan: http://organicproteincompany.com/our-story

The “Fed-By-Breast” product is the brainchild of Dan, who himself was breastfed by his mum until the age of 10 months. He says “Human breast milk is the one substance in nature that is made specifically for human consumption. We’ve taken that and made it even better by gently filtering out modern day impurities and naturally occurring sugars and fats, giving us a clean, highly bioavailable protein source.”

Dan adds, “The demand for human breast milk has been growing steadily over the last couple of years but I believe the market has been hampered by the associated risks of catching any number of diseases. We’ve eliminated these risks by offering a pasteurised alternative. At £100 for 400g, or 20 servings, it is quite possibly the most expensive protein powder on the market, but when you compare this to the prices being asked for the fresh stuff it actually offers excellent value.

“The market price for fresh or chilled breast milk is around £50 per pint. With our product the buyer will be getting the equivalent of 40 pints per 400g pack, which is excellent value, especially given this is the absolute gold standard in the world of protein supplements. We expect the first batch to sell out in hours.”

New and unique food source

He adds, “Uniquely, we will pay mums an undisclosed high fee for their liquid milk, which will then be heated to 70C for 15 seconds to destroy any potentially harmful bacteria, after which it is filtered to remove impurities, fats and sugars. This results in a higher protein content, too.”

Apart from being high in protein, dairy and gluten-free, “Fed-By-Breast” will be very low in transfats, zero in dangerous bacteria and viruses and high in calcium, natural vitamins, minerals and immunoglobulins. “All this results in numerous immune, recovery, nutritional and muscle-building benefits,” affirms Dan.

He emphasises, “The milk is taken from carefully vetted mums – who are on a primarily organic diet and free to roam outside the home – using a unique human milk extraction process.”

“Fed-By-Breast” will be sold online initially but Dan hopes to attract interest from High St retailers and independent health stores keen to attract a new kind of keep-fit and keep-strong clientele. “For those who desire the highest quality protein along with the uniquely beneficial nutrients we used to only enjoy during the first year of our lives, only our world-first ‘Fed-By-Breast’ can deliver that.”

For more information please contact Dan at info@organicproteincompany.com

Dan’s popular, mainline organic whey protein product is available at organicproteincompany.com

Advisory note. “No babies, husbands, partners or boyfriends/other will be harmed by the existence of ‘Fed-By-Breast’ because all milk, which is humanely extracted, will be verified by the mums to be surplus to all in-home and other requirements.”


Cake Off in Brighton: join Kate Henry of 2014’s Great British Bake Off in Brighton for a creative cake contest in aid of local charity Team Kenya

Bake. Decorate. Donate…

December 5th 2014. The Cake Off in Brighton takes place on Saturday, December 13th and will be judged by The Great British Bake Off’s Brightonian Kate Henry. Organised by local charity Team Kenya, funds raised at this event will go directly to helping address issues of poverty, equality and empowerment in Ndhiwa, Kenya.

The Cake Off
The winner receives afternoon tea for two at The Grand Hotel.  A number of raffle prizes from other local businesses a lined up, including a food voucher from Foodilic, a jewellery stand, and a love heart to hang in your house, from Sass & Belle, a leather-bound travel journal from Sussex Travel Clinic, and certified organic whey protein from The Organic Protein Company Ltd – plus more prizes.

Entry is open to anyone who fancies their chances at baking a cracking cake. All they have to do is bring it along to the Thomas Kemp pub, 8 St George’s Road, Brighton, at 2pm on December 13th by simply turning up on the day. They can register their interest beforehand with charlotte@team-kenya.co.uk if they want to. Swapping tips, tasting bakes and slurping tea with Kate, who featured in The Great British Bake Off 2014, followed by the judging, will be the order of the afternoon.

So, if anybody fancies themselves as a whiz with a whisk, want to try their hand at artful icing or simply want to eat cake for charity, the two hour Cake Off is the event for them.

Entry is free; however a £5 suggested donation will get entrants cake, a cuppa and a raffle ticket.
Find more at https://www.facebook.com/events/724509150965317/
Twitter: @team_kenya and Kate Henry’s @Treaclebakes

About Team Kenya

Team Kenya is a small charity based in Brighton, run entirely by volunteers. It has a long standing partnership with the Luo tribe in Ndhiwa, Kenya. Every pound donated goes directly towards the people of Ndhiwa. The facts: 40 years is the average life expectancy. 63% of the community lives in extreme poverty. Maternal and child health is very poor. Malaria, typhoid & TB are widespread. Ndhiwa currently has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in Kenya.

What does Team Kenya do?

Team Kenya has three areas of focus: Girl and Women empowerment, Education and Entrepreneurship. Team Kenya is taking practical action that enables girls and women in Ndhiwa to fulfil their potential. It sponsors the education of students in Western Kenya to help provide a better future for themselves and their community.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most effective forms of local development and addresses the root cause of poverty, says Charlotte at Team Kenya.


Note to editors. For further information please contact charlotte@team-kenya.co.uk

Or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR, 01403 711177
or paul@western-pr.com

Western Associates PR is not charging Team Kenya, The Cake Off or Kate Henry for its services.