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Eco case study: Roberto, Capital FM’s No 1 DJ, checks out The Saveometer Personal Smart Meter in his London home

Capital FM DJ Roberto has tried out Eco 1’s Saveometer, which is designed to show how much electricity household appliances use and encourage less power use.

First, Roberto says it’s very easy to install; it took him just under 2 minutes to get the Saveometer up and running and monitoring his electricity use.

He was impressed by the large clear results display, which is fully portable.

In a newly uploaded video on youtube Roberto shows how easy it is to carry around the house, checking what’s been left on and how quickly the user can see the savings that can be made by switching things off.

Moreover, Roberto shows just how addictive the Saveometer is. “When you see how much money you can save…it becomes addictive,” he says. And, he adds…users can save enough to pay for their holiday.

Not only does the Saveometer show the instant cost per hour but also cost so far per week and month as well as the previous month, quarter and year.

That information is invaluable for budgeting and controlling energy bills, Roberto says.

And for those who are more eco than purely cash conscious, the Saveometer shows a household’s cumulative CO2 emissions, which is great for keeping track of one’s carbon footprint.

The device also displays the user’s cumulative kWh’s useage, “which might in itself be enough to persuade peope to invest in the Saveometer,” says Eco 1’s Melissa Lane, “because the higher the figure, the more it will hit the pocket.”

Other features of the Saveometer include:

– Totally Unique Gas monitoring on the same display for suitable meters (extra transmitter required)

– Atomic clock and Calendar

– Rechargeable batteries and dedicated charging base

– 5 Led light thresholds for visual alerts

– Simple clear display of your energy consumption

– Totally portable

– Full money back guarantee if users don’t recoup the purchase price in 12 months

Monthly and weekly costs help householders budget carefully so there are no nasty surprises from the energy suppliers. The Saveometer’s historic and real time display help users be better prepared for any rising bills. If a tariff goes up, it takes minutes to change the Saveometer to reflect any rise in unit costs.

The Saveometer is also brilliant for learning what the “stand by” cost is for a home or small office; that is the amount spent when everything is apparently switched off. For example, when users go to bed or leave the house, a quick glance at the Saveometer will confirm if something is still switched on that should not be.

Contact Melissa Lane at Eco1 Limited for more information: – Tel: Tel: 01977 709833