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From Dinamiks Ltd – seven boxes to tick to help make a success of employee performance appraisals

 February 3rd 2012. Chichester, UK. The first quarter of any year is a common time to roll out, or start to plan, employee performance appraisals. If they are paper based, these appraisals will be a time-consuming and laborious task, says Dinamiks Ltd, which provides an on-line solution and is extending its free trial offer from the usual seven to 21 days, valid if booked by March 31st 2012.  

“Employee performance appraisal and management can improve business performance by a typical 10-20 per cent,” says Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd – developer of Dinamiks, the online employee performance management solution.

“In cases where over-manning or poor performance hasn’t been properly identified and analysed, the figure can be above 30 per cent.”

Barnes recommends employers tick some boxes in order to optimise appraisals – which, she adds, can easily be run on a continuous or regular basis when an online solution is used.

Boxes to tick include (i) Key competency or competencies – the things staff are good at e.g. time management and working well to deadlines (ii) Skillset per employee – from administrative and computer skills to leadership abilities (iii) Ability of staff to meet business goals and company objectives (iv) Ability of staff to work well in a team (v) Are training or coaching? (vi) Compliance. Does each employee conform to the company’s values and to any external standards? (vii) Are personal development plans required for recording progress against planned development targets?

“Two questions to ask are whether or not the company uses an offline computer-based or online system” says Barnes, “and, if not, does it want to take appraisals and employee performance management to a new level?”

Dinamiks is used by SMEs across the UK and three continents for their annual and more regular appraisals, and for employee performance management. It is also used by companies with a global reach for appraising and managing remote teams and individuals – allowing them to ensure that staff performance – including the ability to stick to targets and meet goals on time, is closely monitored. More at

Dinamiks at a glance

Available 24/7 via secure web access; reduces costs and inefficiencies;  develops and motivates staff; aligns employees’ objectives with the business goals; helps deliver up-to-the-minute appraisals and saves a huge amount of time in the appraisals process; helps in the setting up of competency frameworks; shows where training or coaching and/or other development is required; helps with compliance [including Bribery Act 2010 issues] and employment law; identifies the stars and poor performers.

Dinamiks also provides for a personal development plan for recording progress against planned development targets.

Dinamiks - for all your employee performance management needs.


Note to the press. For further information please contact:

Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd
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The newly enhanced Dinamiks ensures businesses and organisations comply with The Bribery Act 2010, which came into effect in 2011

December 9th 2011, Chichester. Dinamiks Ltd has announced that its newly enhanced online compliance and employee performance management tool Dinamiks – – is capable of handling all Bribery Act 2010 compliance requirements.

The act came into effect on July 1st 2011 and amends and reforms UK criminal law while providing a legal framework from which to combat bribery, or attempted bribery, in the UK and internationally.

Dinamiks allows a business to ensure that all staff and management – including the board and, optionally, suppliers and external partners – are aware of the requirements of the act, provided the business inputs basic user information.

The act covers business kickbacks, corrupt commissions and other forms of illicit business payments that are used secure business or government contracts. The act also prohibits payments made to obtain a business advantage, such as expediting goods through customs, attempting to receive a more favourable tax treatment and influencing legislation.

“We have deepened the compliance capabilities of Dinamiks so that it can be used in complete confidence for Bribery Act 2010 compliance,” says Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd.

“Specifically, Dinamiks can be used to implement compliance awareness objectives and development processes – and create proper records and an audit trail.”

Under the new offence of failure to prevent bribery, businesses are criminally responsible for bribes on their behalf by “Associated Persons” whether they know about them or not. There is a defence, that the business has in place “Adequate Policies” to prevent bribery.

What can a business do? It must do something, because all businesses operating in the UK are covered by the act.

The law can be summarised into four key crimes (i) bribing (ii) receiving a bribe (iii) bribing a foreign public official (iv) failing to prevent bribery.

Barnes says that compliance awareness objectives and development processes form one of the planks of an “Adequate Policies” approach that fits all businesses:

*Drive the initiative from the top
*Conduct risk assessment for your business
*Develop a plan to close gaps
*Review existing related polices and create new ones
*Include agents and other service providers in the awareness
*Implement compliance awareness objectives and development processes
*Seek external support

“It is critical for businesses, government departments and other types of organisation to maintain proper books and records and ensure total transparency of payments made, corporate hospitality given and to whom,” says Barnes, “and in addition that on a predetermined calendar cycle, all employees read and understand all the policies associated with good practices, to prevent bribery.”

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Dinamiks at a glance

Available 24/7 via secure web access, Dinamiks reduces costs and inefficiencies, develops and motivates staff, aligns employees with business goals, helps deliver up to the minute appraisals, improves HR processes, shows where training or coaching is required – and helps with compliance and employment law across sectors.

More about Dinamiks at


Note to the press. For further information please contact:

Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd
Tel (+44) (0)1243 538835

Or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR, (+44) (0)1403 711177