Avoid shock data roaming bills while on holiday abroad with 4G / 3G data SIM offerings from Cellhire. Optional MiFi devices [wireless routers] also available

July 30th 2015. York. Cellhire plc has made it easy to avoid shock data roaming bills this summer by expanding its 4G/3G data SIM and optional MiFi offerings to cover most of Europe, complementing its existing offerings for the USA, Brazil and many other countries.

For those holidaying in one country in Europe, Cellhire provides a SIM deal per country, priced around £39.99 for 30 days for the 10GB SIM. For those travelling to more than one European country, additional individual country SIMs can be purchased – or Europe-wide 10GB and 1GB SIMs are available as options. The 10GB option comes with 4G [switching to 3G where 4G isn’t available] and costs £109.99 for 30 days. The 1GB SIM is 3G only and comes with a price tag of £39.99 for 30 days. All prices include VAT.

“Despite special deals by mobile network operators, data roaming bills can still be high,” says James Hepton, Head of Online & Marketing at Cellhire. “Our MiFi and data bundles offer great value and lots of data enabling several people to connect a laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPhone or other device wirelessly at the same time – making it ideal for travelling. Some of our bigger bundles offer data for the equivalent of less than 1p per MB, much cheaper than the alternatives available.”

Hiring prices for a MiFi vary, depending on whether 3G or 4G is used. A 3G MiFi costs as little as £10 for 30 days, a 4G just £19.

More details about the European offerings, including purchase, are at https://www.cellhire.co.uk/products/data-sim-card/europe/

For those travelling beyond Europe, all the deals per country that have arrangements with Cellhire are at https://www.cellhire.co.uk/products/data-sim-card/international/

For those choosing to holiday in the UK, a 4G/3G 8GB SIM costs £29.99 for 30 days.

About Cellhire

Founded in York in 1987, Cellhire plc is a specialist global service provider. Cellhire’s success is built on providing the very best wireless solutions available anywhere and they pride themselves on being easy to do business with. Cellhire is a leading supplier to organisers and businesses during events such as the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro finals and The Cannes Film Festival.

In 2005 Cellhire won the Queens Award for International Enterprise as a result of its success as a specialist in the delivery of communications solutions for events around the world. Cellhire’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of customer service is underlined by the Company’s continued attainment of ISO 9001:2008, the internationally recognised quality standard. Cellhire has service agreements with more than 100 network partners in over 40 countries, ensuring coverage is truly global.


For further information please contact James Hepton, Head of Online & Marketing, Cellhire plc, t: +44 [0] 1904 616784 e: jameshepton@cellhire.com

w: https://www.cellhire.co.uk


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